Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Of The Precious- The Brand New!

The brand new, although some are not really that new, but they are my precious and addiction. 

1. The Holy Bible.

It was time to get my very own one, and what's better than a bilingual version. 

2. A wireless mouse.

Obviously everybody was getting pissed off whenever they use the old one, so I have no more excuse not to change.

3. Cleanser
I know there is nothing to be happy/ proud of, but believe me, it's my first Hada Labo.

4. Book.
It flatters me when aunt Chris brought me some books all the way from England, and I was attracted by the title of this one. It was like months ago since I ever finish reading a book, hope this one will make a success.

5. Calculator
fx-570ES PLUS, which makes me look more like an engineering student? Kidding.

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