Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nippy Noodle Restaurant

Oh, this is really a holiday, as I have enjoyed a lot, and study has not in my schedule. Since it's a holiday, I thought I shouldn't abandon my blog so yea, now I am here. :)

Wantan mee is always my favourite in Penang, you know right, Penang is just an awesome food heaven. Too bad I couldn't study in Penang, that's the reason for missing Penang food all the time. Some days before, me and the roommie went Kuchai Lama, just to have some fun. 

And then while we were hunting for lunch, guess what happen? The car just couldn't move, it is OUT OF PETROL! Wei-yin, you're really so silly!!! We walked around from shop to shop before reaching the petrol station, and finally a kind and old uncle helped us with....


After the tiring journey, I think all of us have got our lesson.
Finally we got to take our lunch at Nippy Noodle Restaurant.

Wantan Noodle.

Char Siew Noodle.

The foods are nice with affordable prices.

Goodnight, world!