Saturday, 31 December 2011

Malacca Food Trip3- Satay Celup

Firstly, let me clap for myself that I have only finished revising 2 chapters today, like from afternoon till now. Perhaps I spent most of the time training my Tetris Skills #addiction. If the exams would be tested on the Tetris Games, it would do me a great favour, I mean, at least I wouldn't fail since I have done lots of practices #practicemakesperfect.

Scrolling down through my facebook wall, I saw lots and lots of posts about the new year- 2012. Well, frankly speaking, I still couldn't feel the excitement of welcoming the brand new year, maybe it's because it falls on the study week. Since the dearest 2011 is gonna end very soon, like in 25 more hours, let me make something more productive before my today ended unproductive. 

Oh well, I hope you don't get bored of it, it is still about my Malacca Trip. And how could I left the famous Satay Celup out. If you weren't tried any, you're not actually considered been to Malacca, am I right?

Again, it's full! And I realized the Malacca Town is just like a small KL town, super jam+ everywhere full. Wonder why?

 OK, fine.

I don't want to repeat this, but again we waited for xx minutes, till we see this thousands-years-saliva satay celup. Kinda disgusting when thinking of this, but it's really YUMMEH! Hello, of course I have tasted like infinity strangers' saliva, you think they will constantly change it?

Sorry, I was too hungry to have the photography mood and ended up to have this =.= photo.

 The hungry girls.

Okay, before I end this post, let me show you my favourite

 I call it Onion Cheese Fish Ball. Onion coz it looks like an onion, right? So, it's actually a little fish ball with some cheese inside, girls like the most.

Then, this Otak-like thingy. 

Hmmm... Okay, allow me to end this post. Back to drama. :)

Wish me luck, 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Malacca Trip 2- Indulgence

Merry Christmas!! Although it's kinda late, but still in this Holy season, I would like to send my best wishes to all of you and well, hopefully the Santa Clause is still in the town!

And yes, it's officially the study week, which I am still slacking around...

Since so, let me blog about the awesome Malacca Food Trip. Basically, our second day is all about food, no jokes. :) And we skipped our breakfast due to the 'tiredness' and took our brunch in this Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant. Obviously, it is a must- eat in Malacca-- Chicken Rice Ball.


At first we ordered 100 chicken rice balls for 13 of us, but after 15 minutes the guys eventually add on 50 balls.


The Milo Girl's Milo

Need some herbal tea..

And finally the happiest moment!


The girls after the satisfying lunch.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we had a very very local Malaccan tour guide, and he has shown  us on how local he is by bringing us to this coconut milk shake in Klebang which I guess not many tourists know this. #Gloating!

Just for RM2!

Do you want to know how famous this simple coconut milk shake is?
Just look at the queue..

which my camera couldn't occupy the queue.

Think we have done? You're so wrong! 
I still remember when I was on a backpack trip with my buddies years ago, we coincidently saw a Popiah on the roadside with the HoChak sign, 5 of us shared a small one, and it was too nice until I promise myself I must go back to it once I visit Malacca. 
Thanks to Mr. Tour Guide again, I had

with my #readytoeat face.

And again I promise myself I must go back, so wait me, little Popiah. :)

Feliz Navidad,

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Malacca Trip 1- Wok and Pan

People often says, work hard, play hard. To me, work hard, play hard, and eat hard. And yes, sometimes you'll have to temporarily forget about the fact that fats are easily stored after meals.

Well, after I have successfully survived in those hectic weeks, me and the coursemates went for a food trip in Malacca. Specially thanks Mr. Oh for being such a great tour guide and I have a brand new view on Malacca. Oh, and also Mr. Lim for the comfy accommodation. 

The first stop was Wok and Pan for our first dinner.
- where east meets west.

I love how they decorate their restaurant, which has reminded me that Santa's coming to the town, loving the Christmas tree!

Oh no, vandalism! 

The cute baby...


Yes, we have called to reserve, yet we have waited for around 20 mins before we could finally have our seats. You can imagine how famous the restaurant is. 

Italian xxx Soup

Garlic Bread

Warm Japanese Green Tea- RM2.50
my all time fav.

Breaded Fish and Chips- RM9.50
-served with Tartar Sauce

This is the super duper worthy meal, very suitable for those gluttons as it is in a huge portion. Real huge!

Mexican Pork Cutlet- RM 12.50
-Topped with Cucumber Tomato Salsa

Kinda love its cucumber and tomato salsa which has perfectly mixed with chillies and onions. Very refreshing.

Close up.

Here comes my

Pan Fried Fish Fillet- RM 9.50
- Served with Almond Butter Sauce

Conversely with the fish and chips, it's in a real small portion, of course the small-eater will love it. But as for me, it's really not enough. But I'll have to admit the fish is really fresh, and I love how the almonds work with it! Rate : 9/10

Dori Fish (Forgot its full name)- RM 12.50

So basically it's our very first meal in Malacca, more to come!

Tempting enough?

Friday, 16 December 2011



不知何時 愛上了雨的味道 
好清好純 我想是因爲雨點打在泥土 再滲透泥土...

從晴朗  到狂風暴雨 再到現在的毛毛雨
我 也好矛盾
因爲有選擇 才有矛盾;因爲矛盾 學會思考; 因爲思考 學會選擇。

有好多事情 現階段的我真的幫不上忙
卻好害怕 當時閒偷偷溜走的時候 我還原地踏步

是毛毛雨 還是你 又轉了一圈?