Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bukit Tinggi Trip

Erhem erhem.. I have to clarify something here, this is NOT a food blog, and I'm not a food blogger either. Why am I saying this? If you've been following, you must have realized that I have lots of food entries recently, of course I don't have what it takes to be a food blogger, but I just blog whatever in my life. However, my life is not all about food, although people says we eat to stay alive.

In order to prove this, I'm so gonna blog something else now. We have annual course trip involving from first year juniors to final year seniors each year, for this year, we went to Bukit Tinggi! Was so excited before the trip cuz I was still the cute little girl with a ponytail the last time I visited.

So, on Saturday morning, I'm ready!!

Last check! Our dinner- steamboat.

Fyi, this trip of the year involved around 80person, so we were divided into 2 groups for the bus when heading to Bukit Tinggi. 

It only took us 1 hour++ to reach, so happy that we all could inhale the fresh air before our butts have gone numb! Kinda excited to enjoy this breathtaking view..

Tried to pose like a tourist but

Before checking in the hotel, we took our lunch in the bus.

why this face?

Cuz we were taking the lunch we used to take in SS17, but thankful enough..
After the lunch, we head for checking in! 

wondering if I was in Malaysia?

Along the French Village:

I don't know the name, but it's the place we overnight.

Pillow Fight. 

the girl coursemates.

After having a short rest and some kind of pillow talk, it's time for visiting the French Village! We walked around and found this super cute white and black geese.

the ladies

And see, what the juniors have done.

After hanging around the French Village, we were off to Japanese Village and the Botanical Garden.

by the super packed van. :(

I have nowhere to sit but..
the thigh of shiyan and alice. Thankiew so muchie...

To be honest, there is nothing to do at both the village and garden, I am glad I had a camera with me, so I could just simply snap non-stop.

OILY! Boohoo!!

not my DSLR

 We head back to the hotel after the snap-non-stop session, I have really endless photos (around 700) with me to post up here, but I guess this post is loaded with photos enough, shall continue with the next post soon. You'll wanna enjoy the night view of Bukit Tinggi, and also more photos. :)

Did I mention I'm home now? =)

Home sweet home,

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