Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Gathering @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens.


I hate to realize it, but Third Year appears to be hectic; it's kinda like an assignment year with some killer subjects. Anyhow, I am not gonna let all these ruin my honeymoon mood! So, this post is all about the buddy line annual gathering on the past Wednesday. Thank you Wai Heng for the dinner @Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens.

Sushi Zanmai is well known for not only its great food, but also the long queue and you will always need to know how to wait for your turn in the queue! Let me show you:
I know right, I look so plump standing beside the skinny girl, Polim. Hate it!

But I love her, still!

After placing the order, chit-chatting was the only thing to kill time! I was glod that the nom-nom finally came at the right time! 

Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Tamago Maki

All- time favourite.

Inari Kanimayo Maki

My favourite of the night!

Okay, embarrassingly, I do not know how to eat a temaki. (Needing a lecture).

The must- have group picture:

WaiHeng, HongSun
Huiying, Polim

 With a girl who I treasure a lot:

I really enjoy being a part of this buddy line, as these are the people that painted my university life with colours! Really looking forward to the next buddy gathering!

More to come!

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