Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Of the Precious Gifts

Hola people!! I wasn't feeling very well since last week hence the lack of updates. Then, I now one will only know how blessed he is until he loses something. Alright, now I have finally realized how blessed and blissful it is to stay healthy! No worries, I am getting much more better!

Speaking of blessed, I'm blessed with all the peoples around me that will never forget to bring back some souvenirs from the country they traveled to; making me addicted to collecting all those key chains! Aha!

1. Lullabelle Handmade Balm from Wei- Yin

The Markets @JayaOne

 I am addicted to it ever since I first applied it. It's not a souvenir but it's doubtlessly a precious gift from the love one! Thank you!

2. Angkor Wat Key Chain from Lili

  @ Cambodia

3. Eiffel Tower Key Chain from Zhixin
@Paris, France.

4. Little Colour Pencil from buddy WaiHeng
@Phuket, Thailand.
My big Thank You to all of you!

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