Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pottery Class

Growing up, I was never an artistic person. I could barely draw a house with right ratio since I was small and this makes me a shame girl at times when I need to submit any art class homework/ assignment.  I even gave up learning organ; that makes one of my biggest regret in my entire life.

Then now, I question where did I get the guts to even choose pottery class for curriculum activity of the semester. Well, I was way too excited to indulge in clay. Alright alright, now I am gonna show you some of my "masterpiece"!

 It was my first ever production and was done by the pinching method. The teacher commented that its final touch up was nice but lacking of the fine factor. I agree!

Then, I made a heart-shaped one and I personally love it though it was not perfect nor creative.

These were done my Mr JY: 

These were done by Miss Mun:

By Miss Shyan:

I like their fine coiling clay!

My coiling clay: 
 This picture shows way better than it looks like in real, the coils are uneven, told you I am not that talented!

Yours truly with her errrhemmm masterpiece!

Was patiently doing some touch ups!
After one and a half hours, chiang chiang:

 I know right I was kinda of slow, but here you are.

Will work hard on the slabbing method during the next class, so stay tuned for more updates!

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