Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dear You

This is always the moment I terrify the most; terrify, fear, afraid. Any negative words you would want to substitute, my feeling is beyond them.

I often question myself, why did I make the choice I made years ago? Even you question it. You always do. But the optimistic of mine answers it. There's a sound that gives me a hint, telling me that when God shuts a door, He opens another. I knew it. Somehow I think it was the right decision made, for you, for me. For both of us.

330 kilometers costs three hours and a half, and also the much appreciated effort. And this is something in you that has made the distance shorter, and the heart fonder. 

You are the only person in the world, other than my parents, that will give your love to me wholeheartedly. And as I always say, you are the most precious gift that God has blessed me with. 

Dear you, everything you do make my life worthwhile.

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