Sunday, 30 December 2012

Early Market: The Eye Opener

Visiting the market on weekends was one of my vivid memories I have with grandparents. Yes, the wet market. In Penang, we have lots of popular wet markets where you can see hawker stalls line up, selling all types of breakfast you would want. Beef, pork, seafood, fruits, vegetables, flowers and poultry are sold under one roof, so it basically provides everything you want. 

Last Sunday, me and the boyf visited a market of hometown which is totally different from those I used to visit when I was small. It has been awhile since I last visited a wet market. So excited I was.

Please no show me on your blog. Okay.


One of the reasons why I wanted to visit this market is the attraction of this little stall. Born and bred in Penang has caused me to lost some awesome 'kampung' childhood, that is why I can barely differentiate a chick and a duckling. Erm, I mean what is the difference between them except duck has a protruding duckbill?

the owner

Okay, I know these are chicks.

Out of focus.


RM 20/25 per rabbit. (Quite expensive I suppose?!)

Guinea Pig!

Normally, you can see red or green sprayed chicken but not on that day...

Spotted: Kill a ikan keli in one second. Not so humane way but he can do it fast.

I have never seen people selling petai.

Then here comes my favourite Murtabak. It was around 9am and we had to queue for 30 minutes to finally get our order. The queue was long and that tells how good the murtabak is. 

 Spotted: All kinds of ikan bilis. I never knew you can have that much of variety!

Ikan masin.

How can a breakfast without kuih?
Fav curry puff.


This is called Dangai.

Keropok, not a big fans tho.

His fav.

This is Apom Sarawak.

We have bought enough food and time to get back to enjoy :)

Happy girl with all the food.

And we are so near to welcoming the year of 2013. (Thank God the world is still alive and we are still here.)
Before it is too late, I would like to send my wishes to all who is reading. 
May your new year be blessed with love, peace, cheer and excitement.
Of course, I pray that you will gain some wisdom and courage in overcoming all the challenges that you might be encountered. 
Also, humbly, I hope the not-so-popular has brought you some joyness throughout the year; may it be a food post, an emo post, an event post or even all sort of ranting. 
I (hope I ) have grown a little day by day together with this blog, and I promise to work harder on it to bring you the best I can.

'Having a new soul is the object of the new year.' 
Smile to the new year, everyone!

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