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La Risata Restaurante, Damansara: The Authentic Italian Cuisine

 Hi guys, this is an overdue post but it is not too late to introduce you an Italian cuisine restaurant especially for those authentic food craver. So it was the La Risata Restaurante, Damansara that me and the bunch visited last month. The Damansara's the branch and they have another one in Ampang, opened since 1996.

I am sure that whenever you would like to taste some worlds' cuisine, you would love to try on some authentic one. Although you can never taste the 'real' local one, but good food can literally bring out the culture of the country, making you feel like as if you are in that country and tasting the awesome food! Same goes to me. Here is so a tips, I will always look around the restaurant, searching if there is any Caucasian because they know what is a good and authentic one. And there are many in La Risata!

I can tell that the ambiance is great and I was really in love with the brick walls and unfinished cement that bring out the modern yet rustic feel. The decoration is just simple, lovable and nice!

Love this bar counter:
They serve an extensive list of wine, and unwine too.

(From top to bottom, left to right): Soon Yuan and Ju Yew (Boss of the day), Wai Heng, Yours truly, Polim and Hon Sun. 

 We waited quite some time for the food coz it was the dinner hour, the restaurant is thoughtful enough to serve the bread with olive oil. (So western).What a nice combination but not everyone can take it, so you gotta watch out.

(Left to Right): Cafe Latte- RM8, 
Grapefruit Cranberry Breeze Soda- RM16
Kiwi Guava Soda- RM16

Passion Fruit Cream Soda- RM14
Apple Juice- RM 12

Frittura Di Calamari- RM 16
Deep fried squid rings in a light batter
The squid rings were good as an appetizer; crispy enough yet not too oily. Polim loves them!

Spezzatino Di Pollo Con Oliva E Capeari- RM 33
Chicken braised with olive, capers, onion, tomato & white wine served with roasted vegetables.

Yes, white wine. We finished every bit of it.

Sagliola Al Forno- RM 56
Wood fired oven baked whole New Zealand sole fish drizzled with truffle olive oil served with fresh salad & potato
If there is always a failure dish in every restaurant, I'm sorry that I will have to say it's this fish that tasted like it was not well- cooked by the chef or maybe it is just the culture of Italian that Asian could not take it. The only little part that flatters me was the potato!

Spaghetti Alla Risata (House Speciality)- RM 36
Mixed seafood in a hearty tomato sauce & baked in foil

 My stomach was much stimulated when I first saw the spaghetti served in foil. And after tasting it, yes yes yes, no wonder it is their house speciality, everything just went so well.

Spaghetti Con Arragosta- RM 38
Spaghetti with lobster, tomato, chilli & olive oil

 It was nice as well, and the lobster is so fresh and tender. Who can ever say no to lobster?!

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara- RM26
Spaghetti with beef bacon in cream sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara is like a must- have in Itallian restaurant, but theirs are special because you don't usually see beef bacon. 

Pizza D'anatra- RM36
Smoked duck, rocket, anchovy, caramelized onion& mozzarella.

I don't eat the Quack Quack Duckie but the pizza was so so so awesome!

Pizza Funghi E Proscuitto- RM 26
Turkey- ham, mushroom, tomato & mozzarella

Both pizzas are evenly great. What?! You want me to choose only one? Okay, I would go for the turkey- ham cause turkey- ham and mushroom matched so well.

So now finish the main course. Wait, how can we not ordering desserts?

Tiramisu (Pick-Me-Up!)- RM16
Layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in expresso & filled with Italian mascarpone cream cheese

Oh deary Tiramisu, luckily we picked you! It tasted so fine, so soft; this is so superb! Among all the tiramisu that I have ever had, it was the best tiramisu in my life and no one was even close to it. 

Tota Di Ciccolato- RM16
Flourless dark chocolate cake with a melting chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream.

My first ever lava cake and it looks like the one Gordon Ramsay would say yes in MasterChef US.

The bunch

Thank you Soon Yuan and Ju Yew for the treat.

They serve really decent and authentic Italian food, bring out the essence of Italian cuisine. (except the fish, of course) It was a nice place for gathering that you could linger for hours. Recommending to all of you. xoxo.

Rate: 6.3/8

16, Persiaran Ampang, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan.

128, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara, 
Kuala Lumpur.03-2095-9572.

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