Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My Christmas Story

My Favourite Christmas Song 2012: Christina Perri- Meery Christmas Darling

Hola Hola! Merry Christmas everyone!
This year, Christmas and the eve were different. It is normal for a long distance couple to not celebrate any events together but as much as I would not like it, they fall on our study week, so the great point is that we got to spend some time together before start preparing for the final exams. There is not much place to hang out here as in Penang but a long waited movie could be a good make up for the eve. And yes, Life of Pi it is. Thank you Ang Lee for the great movie which I will (hopefully) write my own review on it.

As for now, I am gonna share with you my Christmas story. It might ruin your party Christmas mood so I don't mind if you choose to leave my blog cuz I am gonna start now. Growing up, I was never a girl that always caught everyone's attention nor the popular excellent girl in the school. Of course, my parents did not raise me to be an attention seeker and so, I am contended to everything I have in my life: My family, my friends, my classmates, my home....

But as I grow up, I found out that you dont really reap what you sow; you may get more, less or nothing. Life is like painting. It is not how much colours that you add but how well you could deliver and connect through your paint. The tools are much needed; the tarp, the brushes , the palette and the colour. Every step is a no turning back. And does life. Regardless of what others tell, you should always follow your heart and like your every move that you have taken.

Ever since I know God, I warn myself to always help people who needs me and to do good things that would make Him proud. But I often question, how can you stay loyal to a person who never loyal to you? They're right, my high school friends are right. You can seldom know a true friend after high school. They smile then they do some nasty thing behind you. Then you forgive. Then here they are again. When will this ever end?

Sometimes, I need some hint to define a hero. And also a villain. 

Anyhow, this Christmas, I have some questions for myself to be answered. Again, if you have read till here, I wish you the best.

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